Recap 7th DCVA-NLHI Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting

During the 7th DCVA-NLHI Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting, more than three hundred researchers, DCVA partners and stakeholders took part in a lively and informative programme, in which, in addition to sharing research results, we also celebrated the 5-year anniversary of the DCVA.

We would like to thank all the esteemed keynote speakers, distinguished guests, sponsors and participants who made this event a resounding success

The following prizes were awarded:

  • Aernoud Fiolet was the winner of the NLHI NVVC Einthoven Dissertation prize. His research on ‘Colchicine in Coronary Disease’ demonstrated outstanding contributions to the field of cardiovascular research.
    2nd place was Michiel Henkens: ‘Improving diagnosis and risk stratification of cardiomyopathies across the ejection fraction spectrum – The past, present, and future.’
    3rd place was Jorrit Lemkes: ‘Timing of coronary angiography in acute coronary syndromes – The TRANSIENT and COACT trial.’
  • Renee Maas won the Fellowship competition. Karel Breeman and Mitchel Molenaar received a travel grant.
  • Nienke ter Stege (1st Prize), Su Ji Han (2nd Prize) and Caroline Pham (3rd Prize) won the Poster competition.
  • The prestigious Wiek van Gilst Collaboration Award was bestowed at the DCVA/NLHI conference. This year, the Hartenbank for being announced as the winner of the Wiek van Gilst Collaboration Award 2023.
  • Double-Dose Mini Consortium Grant Recipients:
    1st place: ‘Pro-angiogenic gene therapy for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy’ by Monica Gladka.
    2nd place: ‘Non-Invasive Imaging of Myocardial Metabolic Stress at Ultra-High Magnetic Field Strength’ by Daan Westenbrink.


Are you already looking for more or did you miss out on this edition? Block the dates for next year’s Research Meeting in your agenda: June 20th and 21st of 2024.